Spring 2016

On Networking

Michael Miller, Business Development Manager

Let me ask you a question – What would it take for you to refer a Realtor® you met through affiliate membership, or use one yourself?

I don’t know about you, but I always lumped the term ‘networking’ along with ‘marketing’ and ‘sales’ as catch-all general business language with no footing in tangible results.

I may have even held that belief as I wrote my first newsletter to you, about networking and connecting with our Realtor® members…

We were in the same boat – trying to break into this intimidating group, thousands of Realtors®, a dozen chapters, changing leadership – and getting to know affiliate businesses. I know the struggle. Yes, affiliate membership gives you a massive audience – but where do you go from there?

Now we are over a year in and I realized that networking is not the goal or an end, it is simply building relationships, making friends, getting involved. I have learned to use all the resources available to me – services, products, advice, feedback – and the business has followed with that.

I find myself taking a closer look, a sharper ear and a keener interest in what my friends and colleagues do for a living, and what they need. Not to sell them in anyway, but to be the bridge when I can – make a connection that provides a benefit.

The Affiliate Program is new in this game, especially considering the century plus history of the board. Much like any business, the program also needed to network – it seemed daunting in those first months, but broken down to a daily activity, it’s just meeting people, assessing needs. I say to you – look what we have accomplished.

This year has seen alliances that bring Long Island Realtors® and Long Island Business professionals together. Our association, along with Ellen Volpe and the ABA, is invaluable as you may have witnessed at our first Affiliate Workshop. We are planning our first joint event with the remodeling experts at NARI, and our first Affiliate Council meeting last week provided insight that will guide the direction of the program for years to come.

All of this from a generic term like ‘networking’.

Featured Member:

Marc Cole – Godiva Chocolatier

Since 1926, GODIVA has been crafting exceptional, high quality Belgian chocolates. No wonder our customers depend on us for the best in business gifting. When you need to send the perfect gift, send GODIVA.

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Something to Think About:

“There’s always a good lesson in meeting new people, it’s enlarging your circle of friends. And though there are times you don’t match with their likes, there are some whom you just blend well with.”