January 2015

Nothing Beats Face-to-Face Opportunities

Michael Miller, Business Development Manager

Call me old fashioned, but I have always found that face to face interactions provide the best results with customers and colleagues. A successful business depends on your ability to connect with people and that is how we came up with the newsletter’s name – “Affiliate Connect”. The Affiliate program provides you with the opportunity to expand your network and reach an audience of over 20,000 real estate professionals with your messaging.

Attending networking events is one of the fastest ways of expanding your business by growing your connections with people who have overlapping interests. By attending the networking events available to you through your Affiliate membership you can grow your business more quickly by incorporating word-of-mouth marketing. The events will give you the venue to meet people face-to-face and promote your business. Creating a positive face-to-face image can display trust, reliability, and honesty amongst many other traits to current and potential customers that will help any company stand out from their competitors and increase profitability.

The Affiliate Program is the ultimate Business to Business experience, connecting your business – to the business of our REALTORĀ® members. We encourage you to attend the meetings and events with a clear purpose and plan. Get the most out of the experience. Bring your business cards and start socializing and remember the most important part – FOLLOW-up on a regular basis with your connections and don’t be forgotten!

Featured Member:

Howard Smith – Jin List

Howard Smith has 25 years business experience. Howard is the National Account Manager at JinList.com, a leading digital technology company with offices in Great neck, New York, and Shanghai, China.

JinList.com and their affiliate site, Jinti.com connect real estate professionals with high net worth Chinese buyers in China behind the great firewall. They market brokers and their listings to Chinese communities in the U.S. and throughout China.


I attended the LIBOR County Divisional Meetings and was impressed that not only did they offer a great educational experience but they provided me with the opportunity to meet Realtors and make new business contacts. This is what networking is all about.

– Affiliate Member Joe Robles
Quick Fund Mortgage

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Something to Think About:

“Word-of-mouth marketing is not anĀ all-day thing, but it is an everyday thing.”

– Unknown