March 2015

26th Annual LIBOR Education Conference

Michael Miller, Business Development Manager

Each month here at LIBOR we discuss the events and goals of each department. The dominant message this month… the 26th Annual Education Conference. From now until June 4th we will be all hands on deck to ensure this event is as successful as years past – you should be too.

Your messaging, communications, meetings and advertisements with REALTOR® members need to be the same – “I will be at the education conference, I look forward to seeing you there…” This is the largest local real estate industry trade show around, and it only happens once a year.

Do you still need a Reason to Exhibit at the LIBOR Ed Conference and Trade Show? Here’s Three –

  1. MARKETING & COMMUNICATION OPPORTUNITY: Trade Shows provide a unique opportunity for face-to-face selling with your prospects and customers. You have conversations where you learn something about the people you want to do business with – leading to valuable partnerships down the road. Often there are seminars you can attend to learn new skills. There’s no better way to get the scoop on what’s happening without being there in the middle of the action.
  2. SHOW OF COMMITMENT: By exhibiting, you are able to show the value of what you’re offering. Just by being there, you are demonstrating to possible new customers that you are committed and that you’ll be around for awhile.
  3. NETWORKING: This is the most important aspect of a trade show! A show gives you the opportunity to rub elbows with agents, vendors, and anyone else involved in the real estate world. Trade shows provide the opportunity to make new connections.

People want to do business with people they have met. People they know. Make sure everyone meets you at the Education Conference and Trade Expo. Put yourself out there to get attention and cement new relationships.

This expo is sold out year after year and heavily attended by our REALTOR® members. The connections you make at the Education Conference are your potential new customers, or the referral source of your new customers. Follow the link to learn more.

Featured Member:

Sandra McParlin – Mark Lewis Tax Grievance

Sandra has been with Mark Lewis since 2008, one of the first property tax grievance services on Long Island; incorporated in 1994. They remain one of the top rated organizations by analyzing homeowners’ assessments; and qualifying them before accepting their application. The real estate market dictates much of who qualifies. With Sandra’s Help, they strive to continue to break their own records.



The service and personal attention I received as an Affiliate of the Long Island Board of Realtors was exceptional. They are truly a high-caliber team. Having the opportunity to work with Professional, Expert Agents and access to their knowledge of the local market and their key contacts in the community helped me grow my business. Regardless of your profession... Legal, Insurance, Title or Home Inspections I would highly recommend becoming an Affiliate Member to help you in challenging AND rewarding industry.

– Sharon Starke
MCS Mortgage bankers

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Something to Think About:

“You don't build a business – you build people – and then people build the business.”

– Zig Ziglar