Winter 2016

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Michael Miller, Business Development Manager

It’s a familiar sound in the winter months – the oil burner kicking on, the old workhorse – tucked away in the basement – my only defense against the bitter cold backdrop that is a New York Winter.

When was the last time I paid it any attention at all? Other than cursing at a cold shower or the cost of filling up the oil tank? and most importantly – when is my lack of maintenance going to cause the old girl to kick off and freeze me out?

All of these questions had me thinking there was a ticking time bomb below me. And of all people, I should know to ask our affiliates – the directory that includes resources and expert advice from an ever more diverse variety of local companies.

Kevin Rooney, CEO of Oil Heat Comfort Corp. and one of our valued Affiliate Members, came to the rescue…

How often should an oil burner receive a full tune-up? What benefits can one expect from a tuned up burner?
Home heating equipment, including the burner and the furnace or boiler, should get a tune-up once a year, either in the spring or fall. An annual tune-up can improve the home’s heating efficiency by up to 10%, meaning it will use 10% less fuel!

What are the downsides or even dangers of putting off this service?
One of the most important purposes of the annual tune-up is finding and fixing small issues which, when left unchecked, could lead to big problems later on. By taking care of them during the tune-up, the homeowner is much less likely to have the system break down in the middle of winter. These minor adjustments are usually included as part of the tune-up, whereas fixing or replacing the part after it breaks down could cost hundreds of dollars or even more!

Are tune-ups included in a normal oil service contract or are they an additional service and fee?
Each Oilheat company determines the coverage offered under the terms of its service contracts, but most include an annual tune-up. However, even if the homeowner does not have a service contract, most full service Oilheat dealers will perform tune-ups on their customers’ equipment for a nominal fee.

With the price of oil on the decline, is now the time to switch from COD to an auto delivery/service contract scenario?
There are many reasons for a homeowner to choose automatic delivery from a full service Oilheat dealer, even beyond today’s low prices. Automatic delivery ensures the homeowner always has fuel in his or her storage tank and does not need to keep track of the tank’s fuel gauge or call for deliveries. In addition, many full service dealers offer budget programs to automatic delivery customers, making it easier to manage the home’s fuel costs at any price! Service contracts are also a good idea for the homeowner – the service agreement usually includes the annual tune-up and can cost less than what the homeowner would pay for a common, covered repair!

Thank you Kevin for sharing this information with us. This is just one example of how our Affiliate Program has become a tremendous resource to all our LIBOR members. The program is providing members with access to a network of Long Island Professionals who are experts in a variety of industries and are willing to share what they know, and who they know, to further their business and yours.

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HomeRite Inspection Services is a locally owned firm that provides home and termite inspections for the real estate industry.

As a NYS Licensed Home Inspector and a NYSDEC Certified Pesticide Applicator we can cover all of your inspection needs. And we are fully insured including Errors & Omissions coverage. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best home inspection using the latest training and technology in a prompt and professional manner.

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